Fear of rejection and rejection during acquisition

These targets as well as the indications of further costs serve to underpin the benefits of your offer. Based on this Goal sizes can refine your offer and translate into a specific one Implement benefit argumentation.

Would you like a short trip to the market? In marketing one assumes that an offer is then in demand, if it has a product advantage for the buyer

– recognizable,

– decision-relevant and

– permanent, not just temporary.

If these characteristics exist, one speaks of a “comparative

Competitive advantage “(Backhaus, 1992, p. 17). The own offer should

not only objectively advantageous, but also from the customer’s point of view

Be superior to other offers. The benefit profiles you have defined

So they have to be traceable and relevant for the customer

his. If this is not the case, your service will – unfortunately! –

to meet no demand.

Now go back to the definition of your competitive advantage.

Ask yourself in your remarks, whether

– the offered service is recognizable to the potential customer,

– a recognizable one for the potential customer in its value system

Offers an advantage

– the advantage of the offered service is permanent, so even in

two or three years,

– and you yourself have the competence and the resources that

promised quality of the offer.

If you can answer all these points positively, you have one made a good step forward. You know the advantages of your offer from the customer’s perspective and can now proceed to the acquisition of orders.

You will maintain your offer advantage permanently and if possible expand to compete in the future. And You will also see from the market and competition observation,

– whether your supply advantage exists in the near or distant future


– or if the interests of potential customers may shift

be removed from the customer’s field of vision

– Or maybe the competition others, from the customer’s point of view more appropriate


– or if there is even a competition that you do not even as a competitor

have perceived!