The main discipline in sales is the acquisition of new customers and cold calling and therefore training for acquisition and new customer acquisition are in great demand. Here you get a free 13-part seminar for better acquisition. From hundreds of contributions from the blog on professional customer acquisition for business customers, we have selected the key points and prepared for you to an acquisition course. The free mini sales training will help you to make the acquisition of business customers in a very short time much more successful – an acquisition training that pays!

Do not be afraid of the acquisition

Many sellers are dreading having to praise their own services to unknown companies or individuals. The fear results in most cases from the own procedure, which in the past often led to negative experiences. Very often one is rejected abruptly on the phone. Sentences such as “No thanks,” “We already have,” “Do not we need at the moment” or “I can not give you any information” are statements that should be familiar to anyone who has ever worked in professional acquisition. In this case, the acquirer must sometimes bring a thick coat with him, so as not to lose the joy of his profession even in the umpteenth rejection.

The fact is: Everyone is afraid of being rejected. In private life, we associate rejection in most cases with a loss. For example, the loss of the chance to get to know a person we like better. Or the loss of an imminent or even existing good friendship.

Professional knowledge for successful acquisition

You’ll get plenty of practice tips on how to do this, how to effectively plan and prepare your acquisition, pinpoint your audience, how to better deal with rejection and rejection, and finally how to make a cold-call conversation more successful ,

Your success in the acquisition process will greatly improve if you request this free training, deal with these ideas and gradually improve your approach. Take advantage of my tips and you will get the free worksheets for each post as a download in order to implement what you have learned immediately.